Verify Goes Global, Adds Additional Language Support

Last month, when we launched our new app Solidify, we were elated to learn that our launch was covered on blogs from Brazil to Germany to Japan, and lots of places in-between.

We realize there is a growing need for our apps to support more than just English. We first experimented with this idea when we first launched Verify, offering support for German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Dutch. With our apps growing internationally, we knew it was time to add additional languages for our Verify tests.

Thanks to our friends at, who graciously provided us with translations for Russian, Italian, Chinese, Polish, Arabic and Japanese.

Check out the directions to our Annotate Test in Japanese and Italian below:

Note: Language support does not alter the interface of the app, which remains in English. It only affects tests once they have been shared with a test audience.

Any new languages you wish to see or have a question? Shoot us an email at or give us a shout out on Twitter, @VerifyApp.