New Feature: Screen Replacement

I bet you thought when we launched Post Iteration that we were done making adjustments and adding features to Notable, at least for awhile. Well, today, we launched another new feature to make iterating on your design work even easier.

What is Screen Replacement?

Screen Replacement lets a post owner or account admin replace a current post or any of your previous versions with another image. To use the feature, hover over the your post and click on the "replace" icon located on the bottom right of the image. Check it out below (click picture for larger version):

Your new post will retain all of the annotations and comments from the previous image so you can easily make small changes and not worry about losing your feedback!

Note: If you select a smaller image, any notes that do not fit on the new image will be deleted. Make sure you upload an image of the same or greater size!

We also made a small tweak to our Post Iteration feature. You can now delete draft versions of a post that you decide not to publish.

Have questions about Notable? Shoot us an e-mail at or give us a shout out on Twitter, @NotableApp.