Notable | Announcing Post Iteration

One of the most requested features of Notable is here. If you’re a user of ZURBapps you probably have spoken with a member of our team before, as we have asked you about your experience, your feedback about the app, or even if anything went wrong. We strive to provide our users with great products and regardless of how long an app has been around we love refining them. We're extremely excited about this new feature and hope you will be too!

What Is Post Iteration

It's a simple feature that can make a world of difference. Now within your Notable posts you can upload newer versions of your design. Easily track feedback by scrolling down to prior versions of the post neatly nested below.

Let’s say you shared a post with your team members and received lots of awesome feedback. You took that feedback and made another variation. Open up your post and add it in. It's as simple as that! After the new version is uploaded you can view it and decide whether or not to publish it to your team.

We are currently using post iteration to to make a few minor changes to our website for Chop:

In the above screenshot you will see that we needed to update a few of our logos on Chop's Information page. This quick Notable post was created to share with the team so that these iterations could be made and to get any necessary feedback. To see the actual post, click the screenshot.

Once the changes were made a new version of the post was recreated. You can easily go back to the older version, or leave any new feedback that you may have. Is your design ready to go or does it still require a few changes?

Post Iteration Features

Delete your iteration: Is your new version not quite ready for the spotlight? Delete your new version with the drop down box in the right hand corner.

Promote to Current Version Decide which version you want your team to focus on.

Version Tracking.: Check to see how many different iterations have been uploaded to easily track your changes.

Add an Existing Post as Newest Version: Create a second post instead of posting a new version. No worries. Any existing post can be moved to be a new version of another post and all of your comments and annotations will remain intact with the move.

Great, But Do I Have To Upgrade?

Nope! Post iteration will be available for all Notable users!

Want to hear more about Notable's Post Iteration feature or have questions? Shoot us an e-mail at or give up a shout out on Twitter, @NotableApp.