Solidify & Verify | Choosing Multi-Click or Directive Tasks

While Solidify is still in private release, it has been building amazing momentum and bringing in lots of feedback from users. There are a lot of prototyping tools out there, but Solidify is unique because it puts the focus back on the tester and the collection of feedback.

However, a common question we get from new users is “can’t I just create a multi-click test in Verify?” Sure you can — but the user won’t feel what it's like to use your site and the information you receive will be very different.

So when should you string together multiple click tests and when is it better to create a functional prototype?

Verify’s Multi-Click Test

It’s like a click test, just more of them. A click test is great to prompt users with a screen and ask them a question. For example, one question could be, “where would you click to sign up?” You will receive a comprehensive report of individual clicks to see testers can clearly make out your sign up button.

With a Multi-Click Test you can ask several questions about the same screen shot or ask questions on other pages of your website as well. All information will be presented to you as an individual test.

Regardless of where a user clicks in a Multi-Click Test, they will be pushed to the next task. That means if the user doesn't click on the intended location, they will still be prompted to the next test. So if you are testing out an entire workflow, this may not be the test for you!

Solidify’s Directive Task Test

With Solidify you are asking your users to complete complex tasks. Instead of asking, “where would you click to sign up,” you might be directing your testers to complete all of the steps in the sign up process (without actually filling out each form).

Does your sign up process include four different pages? You can have users click through to give you feedback along the way. Are they easily able to proceed to the next step or do they get stuck somewhere along the way? The test will end when a user is either successful or gives up.

When testing your designs the most important thing is deciding what you need to know to make sure you are asking the right questions.

Need help figuring it out? Shoot up an e-mail or give us a shout out on Twitter, @VerifyApp and @SolidifyApp!