A Special Visit From Some Notable and Verify Users from Slovakia

Michal Blazej and Ondrej Prostrednik, of Lighting Beetle.

It’s always a treat when people come by our offices to chat and tell us about how they’ve been using ZURBapps. It’s even more of a treat when they come from halfway across the world.

On Monday, a couple of our Notable and Verify users from the Slovak Republic dropped by to see ZURB HQ for themselves and spent some time chatting with us about what they do and how they’ve been using Notable and Verify to help them quickly design their products.

Ondrej Prostrednik and Michal Blazej work for Lighting Beetle, a web design firm that’s focused heavily on user-centered interfaces and interactions. We chatted with them a bit to learn how they came to use Verify and Notable.

Discovering Verify

Ondrej told us that they had discovered Verify while looking for a “tool like Verify” about a year ago. Once they found our app, they started using it to test a few of their internal projects. He said it was awesome to see "real users" see and touch their designs.

It’s less guessing, more testing.

Using Notable

Verify was Lighting Beetle’s gateway into our other app, Notable. Ondrej said Notable really cut down and streamlined the feedback loop among their team.

It’s not in 3 emails.

He said they no longer have to spend writing 3 or more lines in an email chain to describe what they are taking about. Now they can just slam the design into Notable and directly highlight their feedback on a particular item.

Can’t Wait to Try It

After spending some time with our team, chatting about coded wireframes , Ondrej and Michal can’t wait to try out Foundation when they get home. Michal was really thrilled that he could use Foundation to code up wireframes that could fit on different screen sizes.

It so different to draw several wireframes for each screen.

We want to thank Michal and Ondrej for dropping by our offices, spending the morning with us and having lunch with the team.

Have a story to tell?

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