You Can Now Buy Test Results In Verify

We get it, every Verify user wants quality results on their test and they want them fast. Over the past few months, we worked hard to make it dead simple to get fast, high-quality results on your tests. We are pleased to announce that, starting today, you can buy test results from testers within Verify! Here is how it works:

You create your concept test as usual. When you get to the Audience tab you'll see a new option to Purchase Results:

Go ahead and check the checkbox next to the option and select how many results you want to get. You can either choose 25 or 50 test results. The price for the test results will be $1 per test result on all the test types except the longer Linked Tests which will cost $5 per test result.

Fill out your billing information and you'll be all set to buy the test results.

That's all! You can sit back and watch the test results roll in. You should get your results within 24 hours of ordering. Testers who are passionate about products will take your concept test and will give you the best feedback they can to help you make a decision.

We're excited to launch this much-demanded feature in Verify and can't wait to hear from all of you who give this a shot. As always, please shoot us any questions or comments at

Make a New Test and Buy Test Results on Verify