How KISSmetrics Uses Verify

Hiten Shah, the CEO and Co-Founder of KISSmetrics is a good friend of ours.

Lately he has been using Verify quite frequently to figure out if certain homepage changes make sense to implement. He's been thrilled with the results, so we decided to do a quick little interview with him to find out how he is using Verify.

How do you use Verify?

I first learned about Verify because I am a big fan of ZURB and the ZURBlog. I needed to test a design before releasing new functionality on our homepage, I decided to try Verify. Worked out great, we've been using it ever since.

We love to use it to essentially "pre-test" designs before updates are made on our live website. Helps us create more educated A/B tests for our website.

How is Verify working out for you so far?

Verify is great, it helps me understand how visitors are going to react to a new design or change. It really helps me get early learnings on a new design without actually releasing the design on my website.