TripAdvisor: Using Verify To Test Concepts for a Mobile App

Below is our interview with Janna Weber a UX Designer at The UX Design team at TripAdvisor has been using Verify to test out new concepts for their mobile app interface.

What do you do?

TripAdvisor collects real travelers' opinions and reviews to help people who are planning a trip find the right hotel, restaurant or attraction. At TripAdvisor, my role as a user experience designer is to understand the user's interactions and intentions in order to make the website and mobile experience better.

How has Verify helped you recently?

The TripAdvisor UX team has recently started using Verify to quickly test concepts that we are considering implementing for our mobile app. Most recently we have used Verify to test new concepts for our Mobile application. We had screenshots of the site on an iPhone and asked users where they would click to do a simple task. We posted the link to the test on our personal Facebook and Twitter sites and within 48 hours we had more than 140 completed tests. It took at most an hour to process the results and we had answers for the team within two days!

What is your favorite test type?

Most often we are using the click test or multi-click test to ensure that given the questions we have people are able to find the next course of action. In the future, we are considering A/B testing to add qualitative data to our current full scale A/B testing on the site.

Any tips for other customers?

Verify has great customer service; if you are ever confused or wondering about something just ask.