Folks are Chopping Code Up All Over the Web

It's been amazing to watch the endless flood of tweets and coverage since Matt launched Chop live from RailsConf 2011 last week. Overwhelmed with excitement, we wanted to share a few highlights from the coverage and tweets over the last few days.

The twittersphere exploded:

@chriscoyier "Pretty neat little tool to paste in code an leave notes on specific lines (then share):"

@abcr8iv " by @zurb is like sex for the first time, not entirely sure how to do it, but I'm gonna have a lot of fun figuring it out"

@dabrooktweets "@chopapp seems like a great way for teachers to give feedback on student code"

@heliostatic "@ZURB @chopapp Yet another lovely piece of software. Why must you keep raising the bar?"

@AGamores "mmmmm! Interesante! Paste code snippets, add notes. Send to nerds."

@aaronbassett "Really loving simple idea, well executed and very handy for talking through code with remote colleagues :)"

@MrPaladin "Innovative application to help community collaboration on coding issues ! #programming"

@geddesign "Really like the page transitions on this site. Hit "Chop It' button then hit back/forward. Neato."

@KerryStratford "This new web app, "Chop," makes sharing code & comments simple."

Hundreds of smaller blogs and companies around the world picked the news up. The complete list of coverage is here. Thanks to all for the excited feedback! Give us a shout if you have any questions.