Notable Code, Copy, & SEO Notes Going Away

UPDATE:the deadline to download PDFs of your code, copy and SEO notes has been extended! If you would like to retain your notes on these post pages, you MUST download them by 3/21/2011.

We're improving Notable to make it faster and even simpler to use. In order to do this, we've decided to focus on screen shots, removing the ability to add Code, Copy, and SEO notes to a post. This was not an easy decision to make, as we know that many of you have found these options to be a valuable part of your Notable experience. However, we can't ignore that most customers exchange ideas only on screen shots and find that process slower and more difficult than it should be.

This change will make it faster and easier to grab screen shots from anywhere, and will help ensure that captures are successful every single time. We think that this increased performance is worth the trade-off, but it does mean the following for all Notable posts:

  • Removing code - text presentation of a post's rendered HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Removing copy - document-like presentation of a post's text
  • Removing SEO - summary of a post's search engine optimization

We recommend downloading PDFs of your captured pages and sets with copy, code, and/or SEO notes by March 4, 2011 if you'd like to save them. After March 4th, only your screenshots and their overlay notes will be visible, while the other notes will be deleted.

Will we bring copy, code, or SEO notes back? Probably. We know that there are others like us out there who need these tools to help them build better webpages through writing, code and search engine optimization. Questions? Comments? Drop us a line.