Notable Code, Copy, & SEO Notes Going Away

UPDATE:the deadline to download PDFs of your code, copy and SEO notes has been extended! If you would like to retain your notes on these post pages, you MUST download them by 3/21/2011.

We're improving Notable to make it faster and even simpler to use. In order to do this, we've decided to focus on screen shots, removing the ability to add Code, Copy, and SEO notes to a post. This was not an easy decision to make, as we know that many of you have found these options to be a valuable part of your Notable experience. However, we can't ignore that most customers exchange ideas only on screen shots and find that process slower and more difficult than it should be.

This change will make it faster and easier to grab screen shots from anywhere, and will help ensure that captures are successful every single time. We think that this increased performance is worth the trade-off, but it does mean the following for all Notable posts:

  • Removing code - text presentation of a post's rendered HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Removing copy - document-like presentation of a post's text
  • Removing SEO - summary of a post's search engine optimization

We recommend downloading PDFs of your captured pages and sets with copy, code, and/or SEO notes by March 4, 2011 if you'd like to save them. After March 4th, only your screenshots and their overlay notes will be visible, while the other notes will be deleted.

Will we bring copy, code, or SEO notes back? Probably. We know that there are others like us out there who need these tools to help them build better webpages through writing, code and search engine optimization. Questions? Comments? Drop us a line.

Dmitry (ZURB) says

@Sean The thought is to focus on separate apps to address code/seo needs down the road.

Duncan Johnson (ZURB) says

I damn the talented designers and developers at Zurb for building the most incredible and useful app for those of us in Agency land, only to snatch it away without the faintest smile or resonance of hope that the Copy, Code and SEO parts will live on

I sit here mopping my blood seeping scalp damaged by the removal of clumps of hair through sheer frustration of an emotional roller coaster... jubilant high to the desperate low

One has the sneaky feeling the packages are going to be split into modules and sold as a pick'n'mix... don't blame you zurb I would but I can't wait months

Can you section of the code as it is and let those who want it use it as is with the knowledge that it will be split up eventually? This way we can carry on using it until you have the next versions ready. I'd pay for that without support.

Farewell my lost and confused comrades... unfortunately it's now a not so notable app :o(

get the tissues


Mark Moon (ZURB) says

I added a note to the support section a few days back but as I see the "We love code, copy & SEO notes" fanclub is here I thought it best to add my thoughts and show my support:

I am sorry to see these features go. Our team only started trying out Notable the day before these features were due to see the chop but it instantly seemed like a system that we could all use. Now that you are taking out the copy, code and seo notes features this is instantly less appealing, leaving it with functionality similar to loads of other systems that have been around for years.

It is also a bit harsh that you are removing this functionality with just a few days notice, and yet the main site is still advertising these 3 features as part of the package.

We hope you bring this back soon so that we can really see how the Notable system can work for us and our clients.

Debi'Z Organic SEO (ZURB) says

Addition to last comment: it's March 10 and I still see my SEO notes. Was there a change made on this decision?

Louis (ZURB) says

Hi Debi'Z,

Thank you for your message, and for sharing your feedback about the coming change to Notable. The date to download copies of your code, copy and SEO notes has been extended to 3/21/2011. All notes MUST be downloaded by this date if you would like to retain them.

Thank you, again. Don't hesitate to reach at to [email protected] if you have any questions.

Louis Corso NotableApp | Customer Service Advocate

Mark (ZURB) says

I loved Notable...past tense being key here. Not so much anymore without these features. Unfortunately you just lost a customer. Very disappointing.

Bryan (ZURB) says

@mark thanks for being a fan, and perhaps in the future we might win you back when we can improve the quality of the other tools. The redesign has been a big success and we've seen an increase in paying customers.

Tyler Morrison (ZURB) says

I'm late finding out this news but BEYOND disappointed. While I freelanced last year Notable was central to every website pitch I made to my clients and the Code, Copy, and SEO function was the heart of my workflow. Yes, it is nice not having to open up the Grab utility and capture websites myself, but honestly the annotation was the easiest part of my process. There are such a wide variety of really easy ways to annotate screen captures, it just boiled down to how fancy I wanted to make them.

Last year I used Notable because it allowed me to collaborate with my clients and walk them through why they needed my service. 95% of those sales were made by illustrating how their old quick design was getting stomped by competitors and overlooked by search engines.

I came back expecting the same brilliant app, ready to subscribe and make it a key part of my new business, only to find that you've gutted your wonderful product!!! This was a horrible choice and clearly from the comments I am not the only customer you have lost as a result of this. Shame on you Zurb!

Sean (ZURB) says

The code notes is one of the most valuable features of the service, having it with the screenshot feature is essential in our workflow. Losing the code feature takes away the need to use Notable for us.

Jorge Pedret (ZURB) says

I second @Sean's comment... The content & SEO features are so valuable for us right now. Here we wrote how we use Notable in our business:

Are you guys planning to build a different tool that achieves what content & SEO did before in Notable?


Craig Chapman (ZURB) says

I third @Sean's and @Jorge's comments. The full-page screen capture and annotation is definitely useful, but the code and SEO markup have come to be a significant part of how we do things internally and on behalf of our customers. Losing them greatly diminishes the value of Notable for us.

Moreover, this move flies in the face of two central tenets of what I've always regarded as central development methodologies: 1) never usurp user control and 2) never take away a user's capabilities without a good reason or some kind of recompense to take its place.

That stated, will there be a reduction in the monthly fee in exchange for the reduced capability?

Many thanks for your awesome tool! We'll miss it, if we lose our code and SEO markups.

Arnold (ZURB) says

One of the biggest reasons I decided to use Notable was the fact that you had all the tools necessary for collaboration around the core aspects of improving websites in a single environment. Cleaving these into separate apps would, AFAICT, disrupt the workflow that has become Notable's hallmark value to web and app developers like me. What you should do, instead of removing it completely, is offer a higher tier for those who want this as part of their Notable work flow. If you have customers who only want screenshots, fine, they can have a basic fee structure.

Or, why not give users the ability to toggle features on an ad hoc basis? Perhaps on a per-client basis.

I think you have a great product as it is. Reducing it to a tool for reviewing screenshots lowers the business value of Notable for me and makes it blend in with countless other screenshot markup/collaboration tools available.

Debi'Z Organic SEO (ZURB) says

We also wanted to make a request for bringing SEO notes back. As an SEO agency, we use the screenshot and SEO features to do page optimizations for our clients. It's a wonderful product you have, and we'll probably keep up with Notable, just put in some note somewhere on the bottom of the visual for changes in Title and Description tags, but it makes it less clear, and when the client or webmaster is implementing these changes, you want them to be as clear as possible. Although the one potential benefit I do see is that everything would be on the same page. For some reason our clients forget sometimes to look at the SEO tab. We'll see...