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A More Seamless Experience in Notable

Any designer will tell you that feedback is precious. It helps us make sure we’re meeting our objectives, warns us if we’re going in the wrong direction, and guides the flow of our ideas. Notable was originally designed to help making giving and soliciting feedback as easy as possible. But it’s not just about making it easy, it’s also about speeding up that process. The quicker you can get the feedback you need, the faster you can iterate and get to the right answer. For the last few month... Read More

Give and Get Feedback Easier Than Ever with Notebooks

One of the most popular features in Notable has been annotations, the ability to easily leave feedback directly on screenshots, mockups and sketches. It’s what Notable started out as, and it’s a feature that has helped us and hundreds of thousands of other designers around the world keep their projects moving forward. But iteration is in our blood here at ZURB, and we’re always looking for ways to make our products better and easier to use. Keeping all the parts that make annotations so g... Read More

Annotate Your Responsive Code

Every feature in Notable has been created to help simplify the design collaboration process and help people design better. As a product design company, many of Notable’s coolest features have their origins in frustrations we’ve run into as designers and the solutions we came up with to solve those problems. One problem that we found ourselves running into again and again is having to leave our code and take screenshots or create mockups when we needed to get feedback. And when we did get ... Read More

Introducing the Social Test for Facebook

A few weeks ago, Facebook unveiled Reactions, a new way for their 1.4 billion members to interact with your content. Beyond a simple “like” or comment, user can now respond with one of six animated emojis. This new feature is a huge opportunity for savvy marketers, but also presents a huge risk. With the user opinions front and center, how do you ensure your content will get the response you’re aiming for? Take a sample test and see how it works. We’re proud to announce a new addit... Read More

Influence: A New Way to Present Design Work

As designers, we need to rally people behind ideas and concepts. Presenting work regularly helps us influence organizations, get stakeholder buy-in and give projects the momentum they need to be successful. The problem is, design work doesn’t speak for itself. The thought process behind each decision, the research we’ve done and the data we’ve collected is often unknown. Designers need a way to present all the different parts of their work in a simple, clear way. Meet the new Influence: ... Read More

Reduce the Noise by Muting Single Projects!

To preface, the activity feed is a feature we're introducing with the New Notable platform. Using the activity feed, you're able to see notifications for any edits, comments or added assets to a project. Sometimes you might feel like your activity feed is getting out of control, but we have the solution: project muting! Notifications are nice, but too many aren't helpful. You can now mute specific projects to reduce the noise and focus on the updates that matter. To use this featur... Read More