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Influence: A New Way to Present Design Work

As designers, we need to rally people behind ideas and concepts. Presenting work regularly helps us influence organizations, get stakeholder buy-in and give projects the momentum they need to be successful. The problem is, design work doesn’t speak for itself. The thought process behind each decision, the research we’ve done and the data we’ve collected is often unknown. Designers need a way to present all the different parts of their work in a simple, clear way. Meet the new Influence: ... Read More

Reduce the Noise by Muting Single Projects!

To preface, the activity feed is a feature we're introducing with the New Notable platform. Using the activity feed, you're able to see notifications for any edits, comments or added assets to a project. Sometimes you might feel like your activity feed is getting out of control, but we have the solution: project muting! Notifications are nice, but too many aren't helpful. You can now mute specific projects to reduce the noise and focus on the updates that matter. To use this featur... Read More

Payments Made Easy: We've Updated Billing!

We all know that one of the biggest pains with any application is figuring out how to pay. You know there's value, but chances are that you don't want to spend time hunting for ways to activate the account. The good news is that we deployed a change that makes it pretty darn easy. All the bells and whistles are now available to make for a better billing experience! Read More

Solidify Just Received Some love!

As you know, we're still in the private release of Notable, and we're gearing up for the public launch with a lot of big changes in the apps you know and love. To be clear, these are only available on the platform and not on the current publicly-available version of Solidify. After doing some user testing we isolated creation as one of the biggest pain points in the app. To alleviate those, we added the following: * Type-ahead search * On-hover preview thumbnails * Shift-click in cr... Read More

The new Notable is in private release

Wow, it’s been almost a year since we gave a public update on what we’ve been working on. If you’re a current user you’ve probably gotten our emails sharing what we’ve been doing. If not you might think we’ve forgotten about Notable, a fair assumption, but not true. Today we’re really excited to announce that the next big thing for Notable, Verify, Solidify and Influence, is in private release and as of today we’re publicly accepting requests for access. Sign up for the Private Rel... Read More

Heartbleed Bug and ZURB Design Apps: What We're Doing About It

Last night, a vulnerability called Heartbleed was exposed in OpenSSL, an open source library that’s responsible for encrypting data over HTTPS for much of the web. At this time there is no indication that any ZURB properties have been breached or that any of our user data has been leaked. Nevertheless, we are taking this threat very seriously. While most of our apps are unaffected, Notable, Solidify, Verify and Influence are potentially vulnerable to the Heartbleed exploit. We are working ... Read More