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Name Change For New Design Studio / Business

Hi Forrsters, As i ceased trading with Vivaz Media At the end of last year due to personal circumstances. am going to be kicking off again but under a new name and would like some help with coming up with a name for my new business. I would like it somehow incorporate some of these phrases : Creative, Studio, Lola, Georgia, Stephen, Kerry, 89, Heslop. Thanks In Advance.

The Forrst is Growing Into Something New

More than a year ago, we at ZURB took over Forrst with the hopes of restoring its former glory and breathing new life into what Kyle Bragger started. We wanted to foster a thriving community centered around active learning and feedback. We molded Forrst into a place where others could share their work and learn from each other. But we noticed more people using it as place to ask questions and discuss design. We've decided it was time for a change. With that, **we're announcing today that we'll be shutting down the ability to create new posts on Forrst on April 14**.


Your framework preference

A call to all developers, particular front-end devs - what's your framework preference? **Your own in-house solution or an open source solution?** Vote here: [https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HJ5Q9XQ](https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HJ5Q9XQ) This is for an article I'm writing for [http://studioraygun.co.uk](http://studioraygun.co.uk)


.htaccess mod_rewrite help

Mod_rewrite is something I could never get a handle on. I've always been able to do little things but for this project I need something stable that I can't hack together. Really it's simple, I need these two variables in the url: $group.mydomain.com/$page I want to access them like this: $group = $_GET['group']; $page = $_GET['page']; while the url is clean like so groupname.mydomain.com/login I set up my DNS and I got the first subdomain variable working, but I can't get them both to work. Thanks.


Latest Libr8

Have just pushed a new update for Libr8 to GitHub, this time updates include, Working Categories and Menu Drop Downs, Linking Gallery Photo's to Blog Articles for the complete story. To download and try Libr8 get it from the GitHub Repository. [https://github.com/StudioJunkyard/Libr8]

Website Tray Navigation Pattern

First, a disclosure: I love the idea of moving the whole website over to reveal the navigation tray below. I think it's really slick as well as unique in the world of desktop websites, and in my particular case (http://forr.st/~3mF) it helps remove clutter from above the fold so that the focus can be on the slideshow of my recent projects. That said, requiring my user to click once before seeing the possible places to go makes them take an extra, unnecessary step. This creates some level of friction for a user trying to move around a new website. So I guess I would like to open up a discussion here about the benefits and downsides to implementing this kind of navigation pattern in a desktop site (a fad that is spreading to quite a few desktop sites in one form or another), what the possible effects are on usability, efficiency, and visual interest, as well as what helpful actions might be taken by us designers to aid users unfamiliar with this pattern. Thank you for your participation, and I hope we can all learn something from this! :)

Looking for images like this...

Looking for images with a similar feel/ vibe to this, and ideas? Thanks :)


Stop Safari on iPad from Reloading after switching tabs

I have a web app that requires users to fill out a form, the users usually copy and paste the information from other sites. On the iPad, when they switch tabs to copy and paste information, the page reloads losing all of their data. Is there a way to stop this? Or am i going to have to do some tricky Javascript to store this information in local storage?


How to write documentation in an Agile environment?

Does anyone have examples (or suggestions) of documentation of business requirements and needs, that can be used for Agile (or hybrid) dev environments? We are struggling, as to the most efficient and cross-team way of doing this. Main issue - timeframes. The docs are too long for the Agile timeframe. We are moving to user stories, which should help on keeping things streamlined, but business req. still need completed for QA testing. Thanks guys.


Coming up with a name for a project

So i've got an idea that I think is pretty sold but not sure how to come up with a name for the project? Does anyone have suggestions on how to come up with a name, or does it really matter what it's called?


Need help with screen size on my "new" Macbook Pro...designer's perspective.

Question Illustrators or Designers (not coders) who own a Macbook Pro: My options: - 17" i7 MBP - 15" i7 Retina MBP - 13" i7 Retina MBP My primary use: - Coding (Sublime Text) - Photoshop - Illustrator - not video I would use this as my primary, and would not use an external monitor in general. I don't take it with me everywhere, as I do my work mainly at home. Will the retina be a benefit with how I use it? Really need to hear from designers who use Illustrator/Photoshop heavily on the laptop (non-external display) primarily. Opinions?


"About Cookies" Inspiration?

Hi All, I'm in the middle of developing my first site for a UK client and I could use some inspiration for the "About Cookies" link. To me the requirement of such a link or section on the home page is extremely ugly, but if you have seen some decent looking ways to implement a legal solution I would love to see some different ideas on the subject. Much appreciated!


Mass SMS Service?

Has anyone had experience with a mass SMS service? We have created a membership based Lemonstand website for a client. Depending on the level of membership certain email alerts go out to the subscribers everyday. Our client would also like to be able to send out SMS alerts to one of the membership levels. Does anyone know of a service that can send SMS texts based on the customers in the websites database?