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"Programming"-style Website Design

This is all currently [on GitHub](https://github.com/schart/proj_code), and I am open for contribution.


Icarus for Windows UI Design

Made a few more notable changes to contrast/color and removed the hashtag tagging system, it turns out that doesn't feel natural to intentionally tag a note within a note. You are more likely confortable tagging something *after* your done writing it, half the time you have no idea what it is you're actually writing. I also made changes to scrollbar, added where status text would be located (i.e. "saving...") and other tiny changes.

My New Website!

# [www.benjaminpotter.org](http://www.benjaminpotter.org) So, I just relaunched by website after a few weeks of copywriting, design and development! I'm pretty happy with the design and coding, plus its fully in WordPress and 100% responsive! Let me know if you like it / what you think! [www.benjaminpotter.org](http://www.benjaminpotter.org) Thanks for your advice and feedback!

My personal Blog v. 2.0

Hi Rangers, this is the second version of my personal blog, what do you think about it? Any suggestion? The live URL is [http://www.walkap.com](http://www.walkap.com) hope you like it. The previous version of my web site is on forrst at [https://forrst.com/posts/Responsive_personal_page_walkap-ak1](https://forrst.com/posts/Responsive_personal_page_walkap-ak1) Thanks for help!

Fully functional calculator with css & html

Just a small project I made last night to see if I could build a calculator out of html/css. Its quite simple actually - well the method I used at least was. The html is were the functionality all lies using input and OnClick methods to preform the basic calculations were the evaluation method lies in the equals button and it all ties into the display input. learned quite a lot from this small project. What you think?

Wireframing Mock-ups

I'm happy to present my latest project Wireframing Mock-ups. This project helps you transform your wireframes into Photoshop Mock-ups. Also works with paper wireframes. More info: http://www.photoshopwireframingkit.com/Wireframing-Mock-ups.html What do you think?

LCR NodeWebkit

Contacted to create a application for internal use for local registry. Only HTML5, CSS and Javascript + NodeWebkit and NodeJS Technologies. All will serve its rights in the about LCRIS section. Thanks for the wonderful gift.

Wireframes for new site

I'm refreshing my personal brand for 2014, including my site. I am attaching my first iteration of wireframes for public review. **Primary goals:** - Communicate my skill in UX, IxD, Visual and Development - Self service for future employers and others in my industry **Secondary goals:** - Encourage users to message me - Determine effectiveness of the CTA's at the bottom of each page vs. the links in the nav bar. **I would appreciate feedback on:** - Organization of content (especially on about and process pages) - Overall layout suggestions - Additional things I may be interested in tracking - I've also included some previews of my personal branding set. Feel free to comment on this as well. Thank you for your time!

[GIF] Animation Sea / Weather app


Want to test my contextual note taking app Ghostnote?

Hi Guys & Girls I am working on a contextual note taking app Ghostnote and is at the point where I start to need some feedback. If you want to beta test it, let me know and I will send you a the app with some questions I would like you to consider for feedback. The app allow you to take notes in context of where you are. You can basically take notes on anything. Folders, files, applications, documents in applications (ex. somefile.psd in Photoshop) even URLs (support Chrome, Safari and FireFox for now). The app will then remember where you took the app and when you select the file or open the document again the notes will be right there. The app lives in the top menu bar of OSX. I have added some design sketches to give you an idea about how it works. P.S. There is still some way to go and a lot of small weird bugs and the design is far from done.


Introducing the Growth Chart from Beanstalk Labs

We recently launched [Beanstalk Labs](http://beanstalklabs.co). Our idea, the Growth Chart, is in a validation stage, and our previous website reflected that. It was a straightforward "coming soon" page that showed a video and captured email addresses. We realized, however, that the site design lacked a sense of immediacy. There was nothing that helped visitors understand the importance of leaving their email address and the fact that the product won't get made without their interest and support. Shortly after coming to this realization, we discovered [Yoovi](http://yoovi.co). We absolutely fell in love with their "not quite a Kickstarter" approach to gathering email addresses and interest. So we borrowed it.

PlanusWP - One-Page Wordpress Theme

Today I'm happy to announce my very first Wordpress theme. I learned a lot these weeks and I hope that will be a success. It is already a success for me but maybe will help you too. You can get a copy from here: http://bit.ly/PlanusWP I'll be more than gratefull if you let me know your thoughts. :)

Ny Generation Redesign v2

I decided to go back to scratch and I've spent a couple of days analyzing the needs for the website. Grid-based was the way to go! Still early concept, but now it starts to look pretty clean compared to before. More info and pictures at https://www.behance.net/wip/495749/968315