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The Forrst is Growing Into Something New

More than a year ago, we at ZURB took over Forrst with the hopes of restoring its former glory and breathing new life into what Kyle Bragger started. We wanted to foster a thriving community centered around active learning and feedback. We molded Forrst into a place where others could share their work and learn from each other. But we noticed more people using it as place to ask questions and discuss design. We've decided it was time for a change. With that, **we're announcing today that we'll be shutting down the ability to create new posts on Forrst on April 14**.

My current body of work

A project I did for a typography class. The idea was to revisit a vintage packaging style somewhat inspired by their packaging design from the late-1800s, but is updated to the modern consumer while also expanding the market that may also decide to sell this product.

Pin-Up Emporium

Logo design for a client who is setting up a hairdressers in the local area. Kirsty wanted something retro, simple and stylish. I haven't had a great deal of practice with retro styles so it was a great opportunity to learn. I am satisfied with the outcome, which isn't normal for me.. I'd be curious to see what you generally think about it? I definitely prefer the logo on black rather than white.


Header re-redesign

A few new iterations on the mobile navigation, thanks to @Oiseau and @kenil for their input 1.a) Centered logo, with "Top read" and "Search" on the sides as easy access and a 100% width "Menu" button that activates a dropdown. The dropdown features the main categories in a column with associated color and then the other items with their icon (in larger size) 1.b) The same but using all caps. I'm not sold on either one. 2) A different approach, logo alone centered top and then a quick nav including "Top read", "Menu", "Last news", "Search" and "User", the dropdown layout is same as in 1.b). 3) Reduced navigation: logo on left and buttons for "Menu" and "Search". In this case the dropdown has 3 columns and in the bottom placed in two columns the other items with their icon. 4.a) A variation over 3, with "Top read", "Search" and a minimized icon "..." that opens "User" and "Last news". Is the ellipsis to vague? maybe using other icon would fit best. 4.b) a cleaner take on 4.a) using 2 columns for the main categories.


Header re-redesign

The header for desktop is almost done, only some icons here and some details there are missing. My concern now is: # What would make the best navigation experience on mobile? The items to accomodate were basically this 3, so the layout developed was a "fold out" menu that expands on click but (if the user clicks) shows the same content desktop users see. - "Top read" news, as a quick navigation to scan 5 popular news - Main menu, with the most important topics - Subnavigation, items oriented to interaction rather than a specific topic


Typography: Have I got the mix right?

I've updated these designs based on the feedback, which has been helpful. Let me know what you guys think. Updates: - I removed Klinik because I felt that although I liked it, I felt it was clashing with the brand (which I am unable to change). - I added a simple sans-serif to the main body copy. Hopefully this isn't too safe or boring now - The background image on the main screen has been darkened slightly. I'm hoping this makes it less distracting from the type but still carries enough visual interest My biggest reservation with screen to is the central column of text. I need to play around with the font size and width perhaps.

Business Card Design

# A little fat card! Well this is my Business Card, I tried to give **the impression of some sort of mechanism or tech feeling**. Buttons on the top and bottom rectangles, directing eye action to wrap around the letter. Took me a while, with different options created, I just want to create something that felt like me, my classmates and teachers got to the point of tiredness with me and mi questions for feedback. But all was worth it and I THANK my fellow classmates and teachers for support! Happie to you to! you always had always to comment about! I used illustrator and was printed by the guys at moo. I got the thickest card on the options. It feel heavy and it draws attention, display data in a clean way, at least what I think of it. But please give me your thoughts, all constructive critiques are more than welcome! _Cheers ~ Baboon!_


Mardi Gras Rentals

Third iteration of [MardiGras.ca](http://forrst.com/posts/Mardi_Gras_Rentals-GKF) concepts. I submitted some concepts to the client. They weren't loving another tent, I wasn't sure if it was just because their current logo was badly designed, or if they just wanted a different direction. They liked the tent from the original set more than anything else, but they wanted something more "festive". I didn't really know how to approach this, but you can see the "Tents Set" for what I came up with. The client reiterated that they wanted something simple, so I brought back the idea of a monogram (Gradients Sent). Not the most original, but it's still classy. These are all more abstract than initially intended, but as long as the general tone is "festive" I think it will get some positive feedback. Thoughts? @LauraMoraiti @ryantriddle @sarah_edwards @renwalker

Website Deck of Cards

We're very excited to release our first physical UX Kit. The [Website Deck](http://uxkits.com/products/website-deck-of-cards) is a miniature deck of website wireframe cards for quickly mapping our your site's information architecture, away from your computer. [See it here](http://uxkits.com/products/website-deck-of-cards). The deck includes 53 1.75" x 2.5" numbered wireframe cards, with common page names, plus a key to find them. They're printed on premium French 310gsm linen cardstock. We're offering free U.S. shipping right now, and a discounted flat rate to anywhere else in the world.

Web Agency Design

After amazing feedback we have updated our website design. We've still got a few areas to update so the design is consistent from page to page. Go check it out! [www.powerpixel.cc](http://www.powerpixel.cc)

Met Office App Redesign Concept

Since I've been working with web a lot recently I thought I'd do a practice project to keep my hand in on the app design. This is a learning and improvement exercise, and will also be used in[ a blog post to highlight good Android design](http://portfolio.whitewolfwebdesigns.com/blog/?p=573). The app I've chosen to do a re-design concept of is the Met Office Weather App which is a standard weather app released by the UK Meteorological Office. The app has the standard current and predictive forecasts as well as a set of alerts for wind, rain, fog, snow and ice. The alerts scale from amber (caution required) to red (structural damage expected and risk to life). I decided to re-design the current weather screen and the 5 day forecast. You can view the original apps here: - [The App Store - iOS](https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/met-office-weather-application/id331122086?mt=8) - [The Play Store - Android](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.gov.metoffice.android&hl=en_GB) I have chosen to do two screens out of the entire app, neither are top level. The weather screen is accessed by a list of places, and the 5 day from either a list of places or clicking on the forecast at the bottom of the screen. I am happy with the overall layout and information shown in the app, equally I am happy with all the OS specific design elements and that the app conforms to the current iOS HIG and Android Guidelines. What I am not so sure of is: - Should I make the tab bar in the iOS version green like the header bar? - Should the Android version have a semi transparent overlay like the iOS version or stick with the solid colour? (Transparent overlays are a more iOS thing, Android tends to use solid colours)

Typography: Have I got the mix right?

Hey All, I'm playing around with some typography ideas. The website subject is quite old/traditional (which should be acknowledged) but I want the site to feel contemporary. Do you think I the mix I have used here works? I'm using Futura and Klinik Slab. The Logo typefaces are unknown possible custom. Any feedback is really useful...thank you!