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Test Layout for Corporate site

Clean Corporate site layout 100% responsive Layout at a screen size of 630px

Responsive website concept for IT Company

Hey guys, This is my first post so please be nice to me :). This is the first concept for a client who provides IT Solutions for all types of companies. I want to use some nice photography of "happy customers in an IT environment" rather than the typical photos of Computers and IT technicians installing cables. What do you think?

Personal Site

Hey guys. You can check out my personal website here: http://dixondesign.me/ Please let me know what you guys think, any and all critique is welcome!

laFraise Gallery Update

Hey folks, since November 13k I've got the pleasure to work as Freelance UI / UX Designer at Spreadshirt, supporting them at building "the new laFraise" - A social Network for designer. The initial relaunch was came from "Aperto", a Berlin based agency. We are now a small team of freelancers, improving and extending the platform step by step. This screen shows the new gallery layout, including some minor / detail improvements, as well as some major stuff like the global header and the 4-column grid for the design-list. There are more final and approved layouts and I'm looking forward to give you some more insights of the recent progress very soon. Stay tuned, I hope you like it, cheers! :) Made with Sketch Follow me on Twitter.


One symbol of the game slot

Iron Horse Amplifier Vector

Iron Horse Amplifier Vector Illustration | JetpacksandRollerskates.com

St. Roch's Bar Logo

An experiment with a non-metal looking ambigram logo design.

Personal Branding Design

I've pushed this design around to designers so I know that in my circle of connections this design is good, and it represents me well. What I am looking for now is a larger audience of design minded people to look at this and tell me what feelings its creates. What does this logo + wordmark instill in you and what annoyances or dislikes do you find. I really appreciate all sorts of feedback. ##### **Thanks Forrst Community!**

Event planning app

┬┐What do you think? ┬┐Would you change something?

Personal Logo

Logo for LBridges.com


Mass SMS Service?

Has anyone had experience with a mass SMS service? We have created a membership based Lemonstand website for a client. Depending on the level of membership certain email alerts go out to the subscribers everyday. Our client would also like to be able to send out SMS alerts to one of the membership levels. Does anyone know of a service that can send SMS texts based on the customers in the websites database?

Web App Style

Hello everyone I am new here and this is my first post, just want to get some information and advice on my design. I am not really good in color combination and try my best to get my design looks good and probably flat style. What do you think with my design? Any suggestions with color, positions, elements or anything like icons? even though i created the icons on the left navigation bar, i still not impress with it. can someone help me wit it? By the way this webapp is a passbook generator in which you can create your own passbook for your business and send it to your customers directly to their phone. Thanks in advance hope to make it. And also the image of pass on right is not my design I just put there example.