Hi there. Where about to estimate a budget for a client´s web site. It´s a job hunter website which must have this features: // anyone can upload his/her CV and apply for a job position // companies will post job offers (generally requiring mining/petroleum and other areas in industry or services). Medium to high positions in an enterprise (marketing/ administration/ sales/ technical/management areas). // companies will be able to search in the site database // aplicants will be able to upload CV, apply for a job requirement post on site login (free). // companies will pay a fee to post/search the site database.

There are 2 possible modalities: monthly fee (search/post) and premium (same as previous but for a percentage of the position salary, my client makes all the filtering and selection of the best applicant). Well it turns out that we can either estimate the web site developent (custom made CMS as you can see) in one payment (it has a control panel to manage information, cv´s , etc), or... ...our client offers to share a percentage of the monthly web site profits with us (as we were "a developer partner" of that website).

Do anyone has been through a similar dilemma? Is some of you (designers or developers) working or maintaining some client web application/CMS/ site and have accorded a monthly percentage of the project´s profit? Any opinion or example welcome. We can estimate full cost, but we don´t have any idea of the percentage to agree, or if there is some other "agreement figure" to plan an alternate payment method. Many thanks and hope someone post something :)

Mauro (for a project to be hosted in Argentina, first stage will held local job hunts, and then in the country and maybe in some latinAmerican countries. Bilingual site ENG-ESP).