Here are some of the final UI screens for a new product that I & my partners have been busting our butts to create & deliver. Part of my main responsibility for the product is UI & UX design.

The app/company is called TripLingo, and the main purpose is to help people learn a particular, albeit customized, phrase list of a foreign language. One of the main separators from us & companies like rossetta stone is our Slang Sliderâ„¢ that teaches you various different ways to say the same phrase ie. the Formal way, Casual, Slang & Crazy. :)

We had a blast building it, and just released it not to long ago.. & I'm excited to show you guys the design!

I'd love to get some feedback from you guys! ( & of course, I'd love you too buy the app too :P or download the free Pirate app )