I am currently working on a new website design for a company that provides software to businesses with ecommerce sites, allowing them to track and compare prices for products they sell. I have codenamed this project 'Tracker' (Yes I suck at naming things) only for the purposes of getting feedback for the style and layout of the design.

I'm looking to get feedback on the following:

  • General layout. This seems to be the current trend for app or software based websites, do you think this is relevant here or would you lay it out differently, if so, how? Examples?
  • Thoughts on the overall style at the moment (See note below).
  • Any further suggestions for the design or functionality to push this idea further.

*Note: The logo and brand guidelines are still in development so colours and styles may change slightly, I'm mainly looking for guidance on the layout and finding what works/doesn't work in this context.