More than a year ago, we at ZURB took over Forrst with the hopes of restoring its former glory and breathing new life into what Kyle Bragger started. We wanted to foster a thriving community centered around active learning and feedback. We molded Forrst into a place where others could share their work and learn from each other. But we noticed more people using it as place to ask questions and discuss design.

We've decided it was time for a change. With that, we're announcing today that we'll be shutting down the ability to create new posts on Forrst on April 14.

While new posting will stop on April 14, there will still be the ability to comment while we work on the next version.

The old Forrst isn't going anywhere. We'll be archiving the older posts and it'll will continue to be available for everyone to access. Yes, it's a pivot but one that is very aligned in what we wanted for Forrst since we took over — an active learning community. And it'll be based on a feature that all Forrsters are very familiar with. Be on the look out in the coming weeks as to what it'll be. Follow us on @ forrst on Twitter so you don't miss out. But for now — no spoilers.