Screenshot of current progress

Style and the City has been a fashion blog since 2007 run by one guy - a photographer - for the entire time. He recently joined forces with a friend of mine and they've grown the business to a small team and are hoping to reface the whole experience, essentially creating something new and fresh while keeping the existing audience.

They hired me to create a "Coming Soon" teaser page that they are also going to use as part of their applications to a few competitions for funding to get a boost.

Therefore, my goal was the following: Using a fancy (but not out-of-reach) style, showcase the current design goals for the upcoming mobile app and reenvisioned services and to talk about the team and the product to give an idea of what it's currently does and where they want to take it. Email collection was an important part of this, because they want to keep people interested and up-to-date with what's happening as well as attract new subscribers.

You will notice that I'm missing program screenshots in the Here's What's Next section, and there is plenty of dummy text while I wait for content. Since I've reached a stopping point with the content and guidance I've been given I figured now would be a good time to get some design feedback before I proceed!

I would love to hear feedback on the overall style, the layout, the organization (content order - which won't be super easy with large chunks missing, but the headings should give a pretty decent idea of what'll eventually be there), as well as any other ideas!

Thank you so much!