The Rensselyrics is an a cappella group at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

They wanted a website for announcements, an event listing, some group photos, their YouTube playlist, album, member profiles, alumni list, and audition information.

Announcements and events needed to be easily available, so they fill up the Home page along with a slideshow and an "About" blurb. I grouped the other requirements into three pages: Music, Members, and Auditions.

I personally like the one-page feel of my previous post, but the group isn't so thrilled and wanted me to split it up into separate pages. These are screenshots from the new, multiple page version.

I would love to hear feedback on how I could make the site look more polished! I'm still not completely happy with the non-Home pages, especially their navbar and style in general feels more boring than the one-page version. Any ideas on spicing it up would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!