Spaceforge was a project I started back in 2009 which was to design and manage a space based browser game. I also had an interest in a couple of sourceforge projects that would be an excellent starting point for game development. However the project quickly fell off the map as I had no time while at university. I retained the domain name and put up a simple splash page while I looked for time to continue with it but that moment never came. Until now. I don't have as much time as I'd like to finish this off all in one go but I've put together a plan to do bits in stages which will help make things easier for me to complete. I'm hoping with some direction from the Forrst community I can make this project a success.

So.. To business!

Here I present to you my mockup of the landing page all visitors will see. The actual game script I'm using is still in beta so the purpose of this page is for people to register for the beta game so they can test it and have a play around - Forums for bug reporting/suggestions to come soon!

Previous site styles for Spaceforge followed a red and black feel but for this mockup I decided to go for blue instead, making it feel more welcome and hopefully convert more visitors to players. The logo was created back in 2009, I'd like any thoughts/suggestions as I'm open to change it.

The login is easily accessible from the bar along the top for registered users and the register button will open in a modal window for people to fill in their details and create a new account.

My questions to you:
- How do you feel about the layout of the landing page? Do you feel it works? Do you feel the urge to sign up?
- What are your thoughts on the colour scheme? Would you suggest I try others or stick to blue and black?
- What else would you include? (If anything)

Thanks in advance for all replies!