Now that my website is 3 years old I'm taking this as an opportunity to redesign it. Graphics Cove serves as an outlet to my creativity and shows off my work to the world - basically, my portfolio. Below is a visual of what I have in mind for the new version, using a clean layout and a couple of trending design techniques.

Homepage Wireframe

While I'm happy with the minimal theme and the focus it gives to my work I do wonder if using current visual trends is a bad thing. For example the social icons, this style is quite new. If I include them it shows I keep up to date with trends and can use that knowledge in the things that I do. However in another 3-4 months when something new comes out, having these icons might feel a bit dated and I will constantly have to re-design elements of the site to keep up with this.

  • Do you think it would be better to use nice but not as 'on trend' visuals?
  • What are your opinions on adding the latest trends to your design?
  • What do you think of the proposed design overall?