The Homepage

With some minor work left to do on the development side of my project, I thought I might share my design for my new personal website to get a first round of revisions before I publish at the end of this week!

My primary goal on the homepage is to highlight some of my work, though I also want to show who I am and what I can do. My questions for you all regarding this would be "Is this design effective at showcasing these three things? How could it be moreso?"

If you landed here, would you be prompted to look more into my projects? Would you read through my services and do the images help you understand each service I provide?

I settled on a repeated wood pattern for the footer so far, but I'm trying to figure out if it fits the rest of the design or what I might choose for there instead.

Side menu tray

Clicking MENU in the top left slides the whole page over to reveal a navigation tray underneath. I like this primarily for the visual intrigue and how it makes the page itself less cluttered and more balanced, but the two-click process involved in navigating to another page might dissuade people from exploring. The navbar across the top is fixed, so you don't lose the branding or access to menu / contact options.

Contact form overlay

To make the contact form always accessible, the link remains on the right side of the fixed navbar, and to promote simplicity and thoughtfulness the form appears as an overlay of the whole screen. The design remains partially visible through the white to remind the visitor of where they were and to hint that they can easily return to where they left off, but the primary focus becomes the short form itself.

Questions here would be "Does the contact form feel detached from the main design by appearing and hiding everything else? How reasonable is it to have two forms, one for a simple message and the other that will ask about project type, scope, and budget? Are those additional fields unnecessary for (or even a barrier to) the first contact?"

Thank you very much for your help, everyone! I really appreciate it! Also, if you have anything else to say that doesn't specifically respond to one of the questions I asked, please do! I'm sure there are things that I haven't even considered yet!

Thanks again!