I've gotten some great feedback on my new site redesign, and have been working on-and-off on v2.1. Here's where I currently stand with the new slideshow! Thoughts and critique are welcome, and thank you in advance for your help!

Slideshow on the homepage of my new website

I wanted to give the slideshow more energy and more visual interest than the current flat-color version. I shrank the background too, and brought the laptop out of the confines of it. To me, this brings the laptop to the forefront, and gives the slight illusion of it sitting on a surface that leads backwards to the image.

The image made the text very tricky. I tried putting all of it in a box, and then tried moving that box around (keeping it detached, attaching it to the top navbar, attaching it to the whitespace below, etc.) as well as changing its background color, but I eventually trashed that idea. The dark highlight is my attempt to cover as little of the background as possible, provide maximum contrast with the text, and not outweigh the laptop image.

Thank you again for your time, and for helping me make this awesome!