North Country Door sells custom cabinet components. They came to me because they had been using a free template website that they weren't pleased with. Their order form was a very complicated collection of form fields that didn't provide the customer with any indication as to what, exactly, they were ordering. Customers would have to choose a door style by its code (e.g. GCP-62), for example, without knowing what it looked like. This required customers to reference other areas of their site, and leaving the form lost their progress.

As the ordering process is the main focus of this site, it has required the most attention. I have tried to limit the number of fields requiring manual input as well as allow for easier choice-making on the fly.

It is still unfinished; I have many more line drawings to make for different doors and drawers and there's some missing functionality, but for the most part the visual pieces are all together. I appreciate all critiques, from style and aesthetics through usability! Thank you!