Hi there. We´re from Argentina, and our studio is joining forces with a programmer to produce a CMS in three flavors (Basic, Simple + product catalog, and Full (basic +catalog+ shopping cart). Each one has included the hosting charge, and the possibility of has a com.ar or a .com domain within the package. The idea is to charge for a Setup amount ( in order to install the CMS, customize color-fonts of the client, create the database, for example; but also to be safe about of the customization inversion (70% design+xhtml-css, 30% php programming and MySQL setup) But each plan has a monthly fee, that consists in the hosting + a given amount of maintenance time (checking site parameters, observing SEO, fixing any annoyance, resize and optimize photos, for example) + a percentage of money for using the system. To charge at the beginning (setup) and then make the user choose one monthly fee ( No maintenance / Basic maintenance / Premium maintenance), it´s - for me - a little messy for the final user (they may have to handle two different values). An option was to divide the setup in 4 payments and add it to the monthly fee.. . (that´s the way that the principal provider or broadband Internet connection charges here for 6 months for an item called "line digitalization")... but again I think it´s somehoaw weird to charge an amount for the first 4 months and then stabilize the cost in the final fee. We´re stucked at this dilemma for 2 weeks now... so any help (or online example) is welcome :) Thanks, Mauro.