Hello. I have a doubt about the correct handling of input text field changes. The example of the issue we found (only in Chrome/Safari... I guess it´s the webkit model which it´s laughing at me), an issue when trying to change the value in an input text field. In the product detail page, distribuidoracuyana.com/producto/ahuecador-para-melon-axen/01660001/ at the right side it´s the site cart, where you can change the quantity (and THAT´S the input field I mentioned). - You can change the amount, and then click on "agregar al carrito / add to cart" button. and that will trigger a script on the head that does the ajax magic. Well... in Firefox /IE there´s no problem. But with Safari and Chrome, when trying to change the amount, it ADDS the new string to te previous one, so when you try to change 1 for 2, you obtain a 12! It´s certanly annoying. My first guess it´s that onBlur we are executing a part of the ajax, and (maybe) onFocus, we may clear the inputField values, to force the browser (and the user) to type the new value.

Again, the problem is only in chrome/safari Any help, welcome!