I've been working on this framework for about 7 months. I've worked really hard to make it powerful, yet accessible. I set out to launch with documentation as good as CodeIgniter from day one, and I think we did. The syntax is intuitive and expressive.

The routing is RESTful and true to the web:

'GET /user/profile' => function()
    return View::make('user/profile');

Redirect to a named route and add session flash data in one line:

Redirect::to_profile()->with('status', 'Welcome Back!');

Retrieve recent posts and eagerly load comments using Eloquent ORM:

Post::with('comments')->order_by('created_at', 'desc')->take(10)->get();

Get input from the previous request to re-populate a form:


I would love to get your thoughts on it. The documentation, like I said, is complete and detailed. I didn't just want to make a Class API and call it documentation.