Higher Ed Reputation serves post-secondary educational institutions (public and private traditional colleges, universities, community colleges, technical schools, etc.) by helping them make themselves more desirable in the marketplace by strengthening their online presence, customer service, outreach, and other aspects of their public face.

This is the second iteration of the design, and the client is very pleased with this, as he called it, "hip and modern" style. The content is a mixture of stuff I wrote as filler and some quickly edited bits from the previous, different style so the copy is by no means final.

Since the ball is now in his court while he revises the content, I'm very interested in some design-oriented peer review! I'd love to know what works and what could be better, and I have specific interest in improving the footer which I believe to be the weakest part. Thank you very much!

Edit: Any input on the logo is appreciated as well. Since this company is just starting, I'm creating their branding as part of this project. My client likes the circle icon with the column, and it's a derivative of the one for the parent company (I only changed the color). I am not completely pleased with the text parts of the logo and the way they relate to one another and the column-circle. Thanks in advance for your help!