Working on my first iPad app idea. I have over 500 movies in iTunes and a NetFlix account, there is no easy way of browsing through all my movies in different sources.

Apple TV doesn't offer an easy way so I wanted to create a catalog app that would pull all your sources of entertainment and organize in an easy to use app.

The idea is that a user could hook up multiple sources, Netflix, local, itunes rentals, amazon and other web streaming services.

The user could favorite and share their movies and search movies via source or genre.

The user would select their preferred movie which would offer them additional information to view, i,e, storyline, cast, related movies, how many times watched, movie trailer and etc....

Would love to hear if anybody has this problem, or would use an app like this?

Would really like to see if any developers are interested in working on something like this. I might port this to HTML5 to get a good working prototype to present.