$.cssHooks.transform = {
	set: function(elem, value) {
		var div = document.createElement('div'),
			property = div.style.transform === '' ? 'transform' :
		(div.style.WebkitTransform === '' ? 'WebkitTransform' :
		(div.style.MozTransform === '' ? 'MozTransform' :
		(div.style.MsTransform === '' ? 'MsTransform' :
		(div.style.OTransform === '' ? 'OTransform' :
		if (property)
			elem.style[property] = value;

You may need to deals with transforms with jQuery (I had to with my CSS 3D Slideshow), problem is that you need to repeat yourself five times because the property transform is not used on any browser. For your CSS you have SASS and LESS and for jQuery you have cssHooks which allow you to hook jQuery.fn.css. In this case, I just check if the browser support the CSS property transform with the correct prefix (if needed).

It's great and it might save you a lots of time and line.