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Stupid Pr*cks

I've been pretty much glued to my iPad the last four days due to recent unrest in London. I think this sums up exactly how I feel about the louts ripping London and it's surrounds apart. I was asked how this effect was achieved so I though I'd make a quick rundown of the process. If you click the link in each step you can view a fullsized image (as I don't want to break Forrst's layout by embedding large images). Also, this has been written with Mac users in mind (I don't remember keyboard shortcuts for PC I'm afraid!) 1—The Vector Here is the finished vector artwork from Illustrator. It's possible to use opacity masks in Illustrator and achieve a similar effect but I prefer to finish things up in Photoshop instead. View finished vector. 2—Prepping textures Next step is to get your texture files prepped. I prefer to create alpha layers based from photographs from Google or scans from around my house than use texture brushes. Here's the link to the scan I used for this project. Download and open it up in Photoshop. Next, desaturate the image, and then open up the Shadows/Highlights (found in Image > Adjustements > Shadows/Highlights... ). Once that's done, up the contrast in the Brightness/Contrast (found in Image > Adjustments > Shadow/Highlights... ) View settings. 3—Creating an alpha layer You are ideally looking for a good amount of contrast in your texture, you'll see why in a bit. Once happy with the above, click on the Channels tab of the texture canvas and: CMD+click on the RGB layer Keeping the selection, back to the Layers tab Create a new layer (CMD+Shift+N) Invert selection (CMD+Shift+I) Fill with black That's how you create an Alpha layer. View Alpha layer. 4—Getting your vector dirty I choose my background colour #fdf5e9 and fill the background, then I add in a bit of noise (found in Filter > Noise > Add Noise... ) View noise settings. Copy + paste the vector from Illustrator onto a new layer. Then grab the alpha layer made earlier and drop that into the canvas below the vector to start (I always start on the background first). Add a Color Overlay layer effect to the alpha layer #d3bfa2. Layer style settings. Replicate the Alpha layer (CMD+J) and move place it above the vector layer in the stack, remove the Color Overlay as it's not necessary anymore. Open up the Layer Style options and in the Blending Options set your Fill Opacity to 0 and your Knockout to Shallow. View knockout settings. Knockout options let you specify which layers “punch through” to reveal content from other layers (quote from Adobe Help) I did a bit more tweaking on top of this to get to the final product, but the most important steps have been outlined here. I hope you found this useful!

forest pattern

pattern made for a campus folder at UWGB

Final Elements

Here are some final elements of the app. You can see the older progress here.


Attention - do not play this iphone game if you want to stay productive

My friend (@zivtzi) just launched with @mikimottes an amazing iphone game. I really think that game is the most refreshing game I saw so far (design is WOW) and could potentially dethrone Tiny Wings and Angry Birds. I'm promoting this post because I think these 2 indies game developer definitely needs any support this community can give, so don't be shy, download the game, like, rate, comment and happy vomiting! Here's the story taken from stopthevom.com : Meet Rabtus and Cumber, two so-called friends, traveling around the world with no known cause. Rabtus Rabtus, is half-rabbit half-cactus and is spiny, survives in desert conditions and performs photosynthesis in the dark. Cumber Cumber, who is a pickle, has a great technical sense and love for gadgets, is a chlorophyll addict and rots in winter. Stop The Vom is their first game, in which Cumber's technical skills reach dark places at the expense of the poor Rabtus. Help Rabtus fight Cumber back. Stop The Vom!