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Ziv Meltzer

Ziv Meltzer commented on their own post 6 years ago

Will do that, thanks!

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Ziv Meltzer commented on cassie mcdaniel’s post 6 years ago

Feels fresh, I like the colors, but... :)

It feels like too much is going on there. I don't think the logo and the Recent work's title (sorry, I don't know how to call it in English) fit in there - they look like they were taken from another design right into this one.

The top part is very interesting and unique, almost feels printed and not webby, but the lower part just doesn't look related to me - I'd make it much simpler, cleaner.

Agree about the visual noise - reduce it a bit. Also agree about the navigation.

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Ziv Meltzer commented on Andy Hamilton’s post 6 years ago

I see why, but I suggest you give it another try. It's just an extra touch and shouldn't be SO obvious. Also, technically, it should have just a tiny reflection of the light.

Worth the try anyway :)

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Ziv Meltzer commented on Lode Bellens’s post 6 years ago

Same here, bacon :)

I'd go with gray or something that resembles a road, or maybe these are just the Israeli ones that are gray? :)

Also, not sure about the type. Something about it feels italic and the tracking is too big, I think. I'd make the text bigger - think about the proportions you'd have to use in a website in order for the logo to be readable, I'm afraid it's gonna be huge.

Love the general feel though!

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Ziv Meltzer commented on Eric Anderson’s post 6 years ago

It was made by the amazing Information Architects, informationarchitects.jp/en/

More about the design in this interesting read: informationarchitects.jp/en/ias-2006-facebook-designs-redesigned/

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Ziv Meltzer commented on Jared Brown’s post 6 years ago

Though I like it in general, I agree with @dimitriokunev.

Maybe you can put the logo, the top navigation tabs and the profile/settings links in the same line. Below it, use a different type of navigation other than tabs (or at least make the tabs feel totally different in width, height etc.). See Digg's homepage for example.

Regarding the filters - I suggest you use the default checkbox and radio buttons, or at least use different graphics to distinguish between the two types. Another suggestion, that might fit the overall design even better, is use textual links with an "all" before them. Something like
All | Image | Links | Code

It feels like there are too many styles in the page. Too many points to focus on at first sight.


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Ziv Meltzer commented on Sankho Mallik’s post 6 years ago

Want :)

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Ziv Meltzer commented on Dmitry Bykov’s post 6 years ago

I see and agree. Still I think the text on the 360p is too big compared to the gentle details of the buttons next to it. Great work! :)

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Ziv Meltzer commented on Dmitry Bykov’s post 6 years ago

Love it, though I think the rounded handle and the 360p objects are way too big IMO.

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Ziv Meltzer commented on Breno Bitencourt’s post 7 years ago

Reminded me of Plixi's logo, but in a good way. Love them both (and they don't feel the same!).

Totally says games, puzzles, fun and cute.

Great work kiddo! :)))

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Ziv Meltzer commented on Adam Tolman’s post 7 years ago

I suggest you try looking for a bigger image for the wood part as I can see where the image repeats. Also, not sure about it, but it feels like you have too many font face and sizes.

Like it overall!

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Ziv Meltzer commented on Sean Langlands’s post 7 years ago

I think the tag line and main navigation buttons need more contrast but it's beautiful! :)

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