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Ziv Meltzer


How to create this kind of texture

Hey forresters, I really like Tad Carpenter's fabulous work, and was wondering how to create a texture like the one used in the image below. I tried several brushes and none of them get the same result. Any idea?


Overlapps is simply amazing!

If you're like me and are amazed by those tiny details is mobile applications, you MUST visit overlapps.com - such a great source for inspiration!

It's ribbon time!

What do you think about the "Fave/Share" ribbon? It's for an iPhone app


Am wondering which icon is better - it's for an iPhone game. Bottom row, from left to right: More detailed Shows the 2 characters (but I find it less interesting and less memoreable) Clean (which I personally think is best) Shows more from Rabtus' body What do you guys think? Illustrations by @mikimottes


Working on a logo for the company behind the iPhone game I'm working on - called Handsome Fellas. Feel like the typography needs more work. Thoughts?


The Web Designer's Idea Book Volume 2

"The Web Designer's Idea Book Volume 2" is an awesome book - amazing for reference when designing websites! The chapters are organized by type and by design elements. I think I saw @lukesbeard website featured there, and @mikimottes' is featured. It also features Carsonified's Chirp and lots of websites I just love. Mine as well, but that's really not the reason I wrote this post :-P Anyway, this book will definitely sit on my desk and not the shelf behind. I highly recommend it if you're looking for design books! What other web design related books do you recommend?


"Sign In / Sign Out" vs. "Log In / Log Out"

Which one do you use? Which one feels more casual? (Am not a native speaker :)


*** Please avoid reading the comments before answering :-) *** This snap shows 5 buttons from an iPhone game's main menu. I want to perform a quick test to make sure the icons represent what they should. Can you guys please write what you think each of these buttons represent? Thanks! Button illustrations by @mikimottes