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Jamezs Gladney


Where can I find a CC Licenced Infograph to use in a Theme Demo?

Where can I find a CC Licenced Infogram to use in a Theme Demo? The theme features a very large header section that can be expanded to over 100% of the width of the browser and to up the sense of "marketing" I wanted to take a screenshot of it using a info-graph as its header.


Do I even need a footer?

Designing a wordpress template, trying to decide if I even need a footer. Trying to make the site as minimalistic as possible. If I need a footer what should go in it?


My Personal Website Angel of Code up and running; Working on Theme for TF

Ok I'm super nervous here! for the pass year life has really sucked but I'm making enough money to finally start as I call it freelancing. By starting a web company and posting content on a regular basis to the envato marketplace. I was wondering if I could get feedback on my personal website because it's theme that I'm making right now will be ported and shipped as my companies first theme. My anxiety over the matter is so paralyzing I haven't done much of anything sense the mid part of this month when I made this website and started writing the theme from scratch. So I decided to take a week vacation to do all of this. So basically I want to send something off for review to them by the end of week; so that is 5 days from now. Help? ideas? Critisim would be greatly appreciated.


Where in WP Themes is the HTML to change Comments.

This has been killing me! I am curious to know where is the HTML or what file to create, what function to write so that I can edit the HTML that forms the list of comments in a WP post. Every guide I read is very vague, says that it is handled "elsewhere internally" and skips to the actual box of forms to post the post. I want to edit the way the post appear on the site after an article with CSS yet the default HTML makes this difficult because the default is inverted from the desired design.