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Yogesh Singh

Business Iphone App With Actual Pixel

Hello Friends, Here I uploaded a Business Iphone Apps actual pixel screenshot so you all can easily give a feedback. Thanks

Music App For Iphone in Actual Pixel

hello friends, here is the actual pixel screenshot of my previous music app shots. Hope you will like it and give me a valuable feedbacks.Thanks

Music App for Iphone

hello friends, Here am working on music apps for Iphone. Feel free to give any suggestions and feedback's.

Business Iphone app

Hello Friends, Here is the Business Iphone app in which am working. How is it ? What you think about the color combo ? Please give me your valuable feedback.

Colorful Buttons

Hello friends,I am working on web designs and UI interface.Here I created some colorful buttons.I want to is it looking good or not ? What changes you want in it ? Please give your valuable comments so I should able to improve my designs.

Music Player

Hello friends, I am working on UI interfaces but not good enough so I have decided to use forrst to get feedback on my design.With your valuable feedback I will try to improve my designs.How's the color combination and the interface of music player ? What changes you want in this design ? Thanks