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Adam Greenough  Pro

Personal Website: Adam Greenough

Hi all, would love your feedback on my personal site. Been revamping it a bit today. It's not designed as a completely professional representation of myself, that's what I use my company for. This site's for me to blog & introduce myself to friends & peers in the industry. Built using Anchor CMS. [**_www.adamgreenough.com_**](http://www.adamgreenough.com)

New Amazorize website!

I just pushed the new Amazorize site live. It's still a little rough around the edges and not responsive (yet). The skeleton's all there, I just couldn't spend much time on this all in one go. Client work's calling! Never-the-less it's still an upgrade from the old one and I'm really excited to hear what you think. You can see it live at www.amazorize.com. :)

Personal Profile Website

http://adamgreenough.com/ Hi guys! For years now I've never been happy with my personal website but I've been giving it some love over the past couple of days and I think I'm beginning to arrive at something I'm happy with. This is my first go at a 'flat' design style and although the layout has had some clear inspiration from Facebook and other standard profile sites, I've tried to make it my own. :) This site is just somewhere for me to be able to show off what I can do, hold my blog and just serve as a little online profile for people who search for me. As I don't sell services from this site I was going for something more fun and personal than professional and sales focused. Please give me an honest critique on what you like (if anythign!) and where I can improve. I'd also love some more ideas for extra little widgets! It's built using HTML5 boilerplate, Masonry.js and Font Awesome. Thanks a lot!

UI Design Practice: Skype Compact Redesign

Hi there! This is my first ever go at a real UI design other than for informational websites. I enjoyed doing it so much! I'll be making more screens and widgets just for practice based on your feedback. I was inspired by peoples designs on here and I was looking for any excuse to have a go at it myself, I thought, the Skype for mac is pretty bulky and clunky, I prefer smaller, simpler and neater apps. It's not too drastically different from the current Skype, I didn't want to go too overboard since this is a first try at this style but there are some marked changes. Decided to axe the Skype home screen and social network side. There's plenty of other networks, nobody needs Skype to let out what they're doing and focused it solely on a communication tool. I think the rest is pretty self explanatory! I'm looking for feedback on the design. Do you think the spacing is okay, does it maybe look a bit cramped? What about how it works, would everything be apparently obvious what it did? For example the phone icon bringing up the dial pad, the skype logo taking you back to the Skype home, hovering over a contact would bring up controls etc. Thanks a lot! :-)

Stripped Back Personal Site

Hi there! I got tired of my self-righteous splash page and over the top blog that was hard to manage so I stripped everything back and ported it to Anchor CMS so I'm spending less time managing my personal site and more time on my business. Conscious now though that it doesn't look very memorable or inviting. I still want people to read through the site and remember my name since I want to build up a reputation in the industry and I wanted to make sure with you guys that this site fulfills that. Do check it out live and let me know what you think I could improve on or add to fulfill the purpose of letting people know who I am and opening me up to new opportunities in the industry without seeming like I think I'm some kind of public figure. PS: Does the slideshow in the circle work for you? (Hover over it) Thank you!

Download: Windows BSOD-style 404 Page

**EDIT: This got such a great response from everywhere that it's now available to download at: http://blog.adamgreenough.com/windows-blue-screen-of-death-bsod-style-error-404-page/** Enjoy! I've seen a number of people with lots of funky 404 pages so I thought I'd have a go at creating something a bit quirky myself! This is a Windows Blue Screen of Death style 404 page which fetches various bits of jargon using PHP and a HTML5 audio error sound to make it especially convincing. Ordinarily, I'd make a more intuitive and clear 404 page but I think this is appropriate due to the largely tech-based audience to my personal site. Mostly just looking for peoples opinions on the concept since the design and code are relatively simple! Very positive so it's now available for download too. One issue was that I didn't want to scare less tech-savvy users in to thinking their was a serious problem but hopefully I offset that with some more friendly sounding link text and fingers crossed it shouldn't be much of an issue with my mainly tech-focused viewing. The old style BSOD is also very ugly so I took some artistic liberty with adding a gradient to the background, although someone pointed it out it looked like the curve on an old CRT monitor so we'll run with that and the font was a pain to get right. Ended up settling with Courier (New) but the original is a monotype bitmap font that I couldn't for the life of me find or anything remotely similar as a webfont. I was also semi-shocked to see that doesn't work anymore since I haven't used that since 2002. Rectified however by using some simple CSS transition magic. @-webkit-keyframes blink { from { opacity: 1.0; } to { opacity: 0.0; } } blink { -webkit-animation-name: blink; -webkit-animation-iteration-count: infinite; -webkit-animation-timing-function: cubic-bezier(1.0,0,0,1.0); -webkit-animation-duration: 1s; } Try it out yourself here: http://blog.adamgreenough.com/thisisntreal.php

Mobile Websites Case Study (Print Design)

Hi Forrst, I'd love your feedback on a PDF I recently designed to help promote mobile websites using a case study from a recent client. The page will be offered on a link from our services page as additional information about mobile websites so by the time they get to this the viewer should already have an idea about what they are. The article is supposed to serve as an example of their usage in an attempt to further convince a customer in to a sale.

Weird issue in Firefox?

Hi everybody, wondering if you can help me out with an issue I'm having in Firefox. In every other browser my header image is in the right place in the middle of the black but in Firefox it stays on the right of the page. Any idea why that's happening? Thanks a lot!