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William Monk

Need some feedback on my updated design

Hi All, I asked for a critique on the previous iteration of the design here, and got some really good feedback from, @felixmc, @joshshaw, @edgy, @flash and @efrenrascon, so thanks to you guys! So here is the newer design, you can see the built version here i'm really happy with it, and it just shows how a little critique can help to refine everything! Let me know what you think of the new version, if there are any things I should change/add. Thanks, Will


Need some critique on my new template

Hi Guys, This is a new template i've put together, i'm very happy with how it's been put together so far, but am looking to refine it even further now. I've had comments that I need to work more on white space and typography, and also that the footer and the blog page are as generic as they get... I can see this and need to work on it, but would love to hear your opinions and suggestions as to what I could do to make it more interesting! Thanks, Will

My design tools

Hey guys, Just a quick illustration of the tools that allow me to design! This is my first time using this style but I think it's turned out pretty nicely and i'm thinking of expanding to include more! So the tools i've included are (I think obviously): A Pencil A Scalpel A Black Fineliner A Cutting Mat Would definitely like some feedback for what you think... Thanks, Will


Finally a nicely designed Government Site

Came across this new gov.uk site today, and it looks really promising as a new Gov communication. If anyone has had to use direct.gov then they'd understand what a shitty piece of design and how difficult it is to use! So yeah, enjoy - let me know what you think! Edit: It's been made by these guys just had a quick look through their site and the blog...it's nice to see the government getting interested in Open Source (using WP as the site) tech as well as tech issues on the blog!


Dangers of Fracking - Amazing Parallax

Just came across this site again and had to share it as a brilliant example of a great use of parallax to enhance this site.

Dashboard UI Design

Hi Everyone, Just a simple dashboard UI i'm working on. It's for a backend of a web app i'm working on; I wanted it to be quite minimal and play with colours to split up the different areas and make it easy to navigate. When built it will also be responsive as should be quite easy to see how that would happen! Feedback is appreciated, Will


Web app help

Hi Everyone, I've got quite a few questions so please bear with me! Intro So, I'm building a web application which will allow users to have their own accounts. These accounts will be accessed like so: username.webapp.com - I have seen this article on nettuts.com and intend to use it to accomplish this method. This way i'll be able to make easier updates to the whole system. I am building this using the Code Igniter framework. Database This is probably the part where I need the most help... As there will be multiple accounts they need to all be stored in one database (I think). Is this the best practice? The idea I have of how to get it to work is to always include a user_id column with things like pages/posts/projects etc - is this the best way of doing it? Can anyone point me in the right direction if this isn't right. Custom Domains I want to offer users the option to use custom domains mapped to their site on the app. So username.com will show username.webapp.com - can anyone point me in the right direction to offer this option, and to get all links from the site to point to something like username.com/dashboard but offer up username.webapp.com/dashboard. I know this is obviously possible, but just want to check - especially if there is anything I need to know for Code Igniter. Thanks for you help in advanced! Will


Weird AJAX/form submit problem

Hi All, basically I've got a form that i'm processing with jQuery and submitting with AJAX like so: <form id="add_tags_form" accept-charset="utf-8" method="post" action="imagearchive.brasseriebarco.com/photos/view/…; <h2>Tags <small>(separated by commas)</small></h2> <input type="text" id="tags_input" value="" name="tags_input"><br><br> <input type="submit" value="Add Image Tags" name="submit"> </form> Raw Code » and this: $('#tags_manager #add_tags_form').live('submit', function(e){ e.preventDefault(); }) Raw Code » However, whenever I try and submit the form I get this error in the console: uncaught exception: ReferenceError: elem is not defined Raw Code » I've looked loads online but can't seem to find anything related to what I'm doing. So, does anyone know what this means/what I can do?? Any urgent help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!