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Taha Eldeib


How do you manage your VPS?

Hey guys, Im teaching my self server management and in about few weeks I can set up my own ubuntu server with all firewall, languages and the other bits of software that I need. Now when it comes to managing/maintaining it, how do you do it? yes I know it can all be done from the shell but is there a better/visual way to do it? I tired webmin but its far confusing for me and I got lost in it. Then I found ISPConfig and EHCP etc... which are more visually forgiving than webmin but then, I read that ISPConfig, EHCP and Kloxo and all that are for hosting purposes not for server managment. And that made me lost. So guys/girls, how do you manage your servers? To note out, Ill be using the cloud server for my personal use not to resell it.


How to setup a secure mail server the right way on linux?

Hey guys, Currently im learning/practicing web server management. Everything was good until I came to mail server setup, all the links on google are loooooong and confusing and that made me re install linux about 3 times, so any idea how to install it efficiently and without confusions etc...?


Is there anyway to create proper images using PHP?

Hey forrsters, I have been searching for about 5 hours trying to find a way to create an image from a background image and some text on it using a custom font. However, I want to be done in PHP in which the text is dynamically imported ie wont be constant. Is that even possible in PHP?


How do you come up with app ideas?

Hey forrsters, Im always looking to make an app that will get popular and start a trend or change how people do a task or fill a gap in their lifestyle. The issues is that I have stcuk for months trying to come up with a single app idea that is not made and I failed badly, so all the awesome apps out there, how did they get the initial spark.

Remeber the awesome on/off switches by Orman Clark?

Remeber the awesome on/off switches PSD freebie by @ormanclark on premiumpixels.com? I have coded them into a little jquery plugin which converts your old & boring checkbox inputs into a pretty switches. Demo and download from labs.wizylabs.com/jquery/switches/


Do you recommend Cygwin?

Hey guys, I'm looking to start using redis for my next projects, gone ahead and tried to install it but the command says "'make' is not recognised as an internal or external command .....", then I discovered that make is a linus command that is not avaliable in windows (yeah, that what I use), and read that if I want to install, I gotta get Cygwin. First of all, I dont have ANY knowledge of command line stuff, never worked with it but planning to start. So is Cygwin recommended to install? also if I install it will it have any negative effect on XAMPP which is already installed? Tips and suggestions please :) Also I have (gs) on media temple, and yes it has SSH access, will there be any issues with installin redis on it?


What is the best way to make a views counter?

What is the best way to make a views counter like the one forrst, a unique visits counter

NoteIt.me just got polished!

From a concept built in 24 hours to a better web app. NoteIt was just a quick way to post notes (public or private) and get a short link for it so you can share with your peeps or on twitter, facebook or any other place. But, its just got better. Now you can create an account to group all your notes in one place (other than them bein floating around) as well as bein able to edit or delete anyone them any time. You also get a user profile which has all your notes listed as well as few (optional) personal information to identify you. Find out more about our update over here noteit.me/… Go and mess around with noteit.me and tell me what you guys (and girls) think.