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Wes Bos


Learn Sublime Text line bubbling in 2 minutes ☰

As I’ve been writing the Sublime Text Power User book over the last few months, I’ve had some interesting conversations around favourite features of ST. The one feature that I constantly surprise people with is called line bubbling – moving lines of code up and down a document without cutting and pasting them.


5 great visual tweaks for Sublime Text

I love tweaking Sublime Text. There are hundreds of settings you can change and I’ve blogged about a few of them before. Here are five visual changes you can use to make your text editor just right. You should place these items inside your User settings file which can be located at preferences → Settings - User


Code Folding in Sublime Text 2

To continue on with my string of blog posts on Sublime Text 2, I’m going to show you a short but handy feature that was just pushed to the stable build. Code Folding!


Creating Sublime Text 2 Build Scripts [Tutorial + Video]

A really great feature of Sublime Text 2 is the ability to create your own build scripts. A build script is helpful when you are writing in a language that needs to be compiled or executed from terminal / command line. I personally use build scripts to compile the current file into CoffeeScript as well as run the current file in Node JS.


HTML5 Video Face Recognition with Canvas and JavaScript

A mashup of a few HTML5 Technologies and a JavaScript face detection library. The result? HTML5 video with goofy glasses overlaid and tracking my face.


Realtime HTML5 Canvas Drawing with WebSockets, Node.JS & Socket.io

Web sockets and Canvas are two really cool features that are currently being implemented into browsers. This tutorial will give you a short rundown of how they both work as well as create a realtime drawing canvas that is powered by Node.js and web sockets. [check the video]

New site launched today :)

New site designed with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. Beautiful purple, yellow and white colour scheme. Let me know what your think!

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