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Gergely Marton


WordPress 3 level navigation menu with custom active classes. Can anyone help?!

I have created a 2 level navigation menu controlled from wordpress theme option page, which actually works as expected. Now the client wants a 3rd level added to the navigation, and I need some help. Here is my actual code, if anyone can help I would appreciate it: pastie.org/… Thanks

Backend navigation

Client required big icon navigation so employees can easily find the stuff they are looking for. Color choices were pretty limited, but I think I managed.


The same project as my earlier post, but different approach.


Created a logo for a personal project: a social cloud of shared experiences. What's your opinion!?


I've created this logo for a Youth Cooperation Council in Romania. It suppose to give a traditional hungarian feeling. Did I get it right?

After Eight Cocktail Club

Header for my favorite Club's website in my city. It was required to have violet and pink color scheme (I think the owner likes these colors). I should be proud to be the one who can create this website.