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Isaac Wardle

Simple Web Style

Hello everyone, I've been looking to create a simple theme, making it fully responsive for mobile, a sort of marketing/portfolio style site. Any feedback you can give would be much appreciated : ) I'm trying to convey modern simplicity with an exciting and edgy vibe. Traditional but yet pretty suited to today's modern web. Any feedback would help me wonderfully. Thanks in advance.

New Portfolio

Hello everyone, This is the initial design for my portfolio. It is a one page site and I would love to get your opinions on the design and layout. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I'm not too sure about the left-alignment of the 'About' section. Also I think that the size of the images in the 'Work' section could possibly be too big in comparison to the smaller shapes above. What do you guys think of the footer and the contact text areas, as I'm still unsure of these after quite a while of playing around with them. : ) Thank you in advance