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Vincent Valentino

Branding Project, Non-Profit

I'm looking for some feedback on a branding and print collateral project I'm working on for a non profit that is helping veterans get advanced degrees to go back into field where they can serve other veterans. I'm trying to keep it fairly minimalist in terms of additional graphic styling, but I just don't feel totally satisfied with where it's at now and don't know what to change. I would love to get some creative feedback and ideas from the community. Thanks!

Sugarbox Website

Website for dessert & coffee bar. Would love to get any feedback or ideas to improve. Don't have content for homepage yet but open to putting something there. Please check out other other pages of site at sugarboxdessertbar.com

Web Flyer for Nightlife Event

The main content font was provided as standard for the event organizer, so couldn't change that. Would love to hear any ideas or useful thoughts to improve it. Can't add too much to it; they want to stick with a minimalist type of style. In fact, this is already far more complex than most of their previous flyers, which consisted of white background, black text, and black & white photo.

Coming Soon/Landing Page

Temporary landing page. Have had lots of revisions and back-and-forth on some details, and would love to get feedback from other designers **UPLOADED REVISED VERSION BASED ON SITE OWNER FEEDBACK