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vince baskerville

Count to 3.

Fassbender as Magneto. 5 hours, digital painting. Wallpaper available here (2560x1440): crazzybitch.deviantart.com/ Or buy high quality print here: society6.com/studio/mbs/…

CSS only version of the EightHourDay.com Header

I was visiting eighthourday.com and really liked the folded look of the header and footer. This is my take on it, using pure CSS. The background is also a CSS gradient. Unfortunately, the gradient BG doesn't work in Safari because it still doesn't support the new gradient syntax. The shelf works fine though. For the full effect, it's Opera, Webkit, FF and Chrome only. Haven't even tested in IE. I'm thinking that I'll take this idea and create a pure CSS shelf, later this afternoon. Any feedback would be appreciated.


T-shirt design


Embryo vinyl stickers to cover ugly looking Apple logo :)

Google Desktop Application - Docs

Pretty similar to my previous Google desktop application designs but this time a very quick idea as to what Documents could look like as a desktop product. All feedback welcomed :) Previous examples: http://forrst.com/posts/Google_Desktop_Application_Reader_YouTube_GM-L8n http://forrst.com/posts/Google_Desktop_Application_Music_Library-LQn

BBC App Update

Here is a little more detail. Any suggestions for improvement? I'm really not happy with the 'In this episode' part, but have been giving myself a headache trying to think of a way to make it better and stay on brand.

CSS3 web elements

VIEW FULL SIZE FOR BEST QUALITY Started designing all the form elements I'm going to be using for csslabs.me. I wanted to try to make these unique. It isn't very often you see a raised text input field ;) These will be coded with CSS3. Want to follow the CSSLabs project? Follow me on forrst, and check us out on twitter @ CSS_Labs

Leather Album

I am designing this icon for an iOS app.It's a WIP and the album is just one part of the icon.The other thing that I am going to add will surely make the icon better. Comments and suggestions will be appreciated.