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vince baskerville

TripLingo UI

Here are some of the final UI screens for a new product that I & my partners have been busting our butts to create & deliver. Part of my main responsibility for the product is UI & UX design. The app/company is called TripLingo, and the main purpose is to help people learn a particular, albeit customized, phrase list of a foreign language. One of the main separators from us & companies like rossetta stone is our Slang Slider™ that teaches you various different ways to say the same phrase ie. the Formal way, Casual, Slang & Crazy. :) We had a blast building it, and just released it not to long ago.. & I'm excited to show you guys the design! I'd love to get some feedback from you guys! ( & of course, I'd love you too buy the app too :P or download the free Pirate app )

Launched new micro.site

Hello Forrst.ers, I'd love to get any feedback on a current redesign I'm working on. Here is the link to the site: morehouse.edu/events/2011/… The site is a micro site that illustrates events for the schools 'Founders Week'. Thanks! :)


Awesome tooltip framework

This is an amazing & thorough tooltip framework that provides plenty of examples & ways to customize it to your hearts content. It currently supports jQuery & prototype with more to come I believe.

Tom the tortoise

This is Tom.. he's a character in a personal project I'm working on.. should be fun :) what do you guys think?

Kassette Tape

Here's the finalized preview & a link to download the new theme I just created for the Bowtie app! It shows the artwork, track info, has the standard controls, ratings, doesn't animate in the background. Hope you ladies & gents enjoy it! Download: Kassette Tape Theme

kassette.tape™ Bowtie theme

I just got done with the design for a new Bowtie.app theme i'm working on.. about to start coding the functionality now. What are your thoughts? I can always go back & make some revisions :)

new project logo

New logo design for a project i've been playing with.. any thoughts?


New website [ bit.ly/… ] , almost ready to be deployed.. I've also developed the site taking advantage of css media queries, which allowed me to focus on mobile, iPad/netbooks & desktop layouts. Would love to hear some feedback on the site.