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Lkd.to has launched!

I'm super-pleased to announce that the project me and @craigchilds have been working on for ages is finally live. Lkd.to is a super-simple service that takes all your social networks, puts them in one place, and spits out a lovely vCard-esque site (and an actual vCard) for you to use. We're looking for any feedback, bug reports, suggestions, whatever. It's all welcome. Thanks, guys!


5 Simple Tips to Increase Engagement on Your Site

If you're having trouble retaining visitors on your site, this is a must-read. Using GoSquared (which is like Google Analytics, but way better), you can find out what's scaring your users off, and what's keeping them around. A good read.


display: feline; — the missing CSS property

As much as I love the Internet, it's always felt like there's something missing. I finally worked out, and I'm happy to present display: feline;.


Layer Style Diet

Here's a challenge unto you: make your next piece of work without any layer styles, effects, or fancy bits-and-bobs.


Just Use jQuery

I've seen a worrying trend recently of people advising to use vanilla JavaScript for pedantic little things like "performance" and "file size". I made this little tool to remind developers to do what's best for them; why would you not use .hide() instead of using CSS, for example?


Responsive IE6

Ever wanted to test your responsive designs in IE6, but don't have a copy to hand? Luckily, I made a tool to test your sites for you. Enjoy!

(function($) {
        _animate: $.fn.animate,
        animate: function(prop, speed, callback, easing) {
            return this.is(':animated') || this._animate(prop, speed, callback, easing);

Fix your jQuery animations!

If you're working with jQuery's .animate() a lot, you'll notice that the animations can "bubble" if there's no time between them, which isn't really a desired effect. Since this is quite hard to explain with mere words, I knocked up a demo page to show you what the problem is. This mini-jQuery plugin simply stops that bubbling. Enjoy!


Spiffing CSS: a preprocessor for British people

If, like me, you're a British web designer/developer who loves spelling his/her words correctly, you're constantly annoyed by the American-style spellings in CSS. Well, no more! I give to you Spiffing CSS. Feedback appreciated, gentlemen/ladies. Tally ho!