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Need help with MySQL count command...

Let's say I have a structure like so: Categories -> Divisions -> Teams -> Players How can I get, in one single MySQL query, the number of divisions, teams and players related to the category? I can get the divisions, with a SELECT of a SELECT, but afterwards, it gets pretty complicated for my knowledge... Thanks!

What do you guys think of this poster idea?

I'm thinking about doing about 30-40, with different superheroes. Thoughts?


Need some help for an art project.

I am looking for a list of superheroes, each with 7 words associated with them. For example, let's say Batman: I have the following 7 words: Bruce Wayne, Gotham City, Dark Knight, The Joker, Robin, Batmobile, Bob Kane, Superhero Anyone who could help out, or knows a message/discussion board or forum where I could ask superheroes fans - I'd be grateful. I will also consider sending a poster of the work to whomever can help me out. Thanks!


Improve design... How?

Hi guys, how could I improve my client's website? It looks a little blend to me as it is. It was way worst before, but I've managed to include so nice aspect to it. But I don't know, it still looks a little empty to me. Any suggestions?