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Vaibhav Bhat

Holidays card

My dad made the christmas card this year without even asking me if I wanted to design it, and he used Costco.com's built in creator and premade templates. Predictably, the results were a bit... horrifying. Just to make myself feel better, I remade it and he said we could use it next year (we'll put new photos, of course). I'm the elder boy (of two). The ribbon is by awesome Orman Clark over at premiumpixels.com. Hope you like it!

Stuck on design

Redesigning my site, After this I need to add an about section, but I'm stuck on how and where. I was thinking maybe a giant tooltip from the image, below it. Any thoughts?

Looking into icon/logo design, first try

Hello- I'm a web designer, and I'm looking into getting the hang of photoshop graphic design. I started just playing around and I think this was a good first try. Would love feedback. Thanks!