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Todd Halfpenny

Love between two people

Here's a design I've put together for me and the girlfriend... idea is to get it printed up and framed in our house. It's the first time I've done anything like this so would appreciate thoughts on the idea and execution.

Asssist Icon - Take 2

Following on from previous snaps and feedback requests I thought I'd share where I'm at with the icon for Asssist (a Dribbble Android client). Again, all feedback welcome.

 $('#shell').keydown(function(evt) {
    // handles initial key down event
    // do what you want here


$('#shell').keypress(function(evt) {
    // handles press and hold events
    // do what you want here

jQuery .keydown Vs .keypress

I recently wanted to disable certain keys being used in a textarea (delete, etc) and started out by just using the .keydown call to do this. All seemed to be going well until users started pressing and holding keys... this appeared to skip my keydown call. Turns out that when a key is held down there are repeat keypress events are fired, not keydown ones. If you want to capture the scenario is being held down you'll also need to implement the keypress call.


HOUR=$(date '+%H')

if [ $HOUR -lt 17 ];then
        STR=$(date '+ Its %l %M %p.')
        STR="It's gone 5 o'clock, Yay Yay Yay!"

echo $STR | festival --tts

Bash to help me finish work

Just a little bash script I have running on cron from 8am to 5pm... keeps me informed of the time and most importantly when to stop work and crack open a beer. Uses Festival for the Text-to-speech. UPDATE Update to replace the comparison "<" with "-lt"